Horizon's visa services provide complete assistance in the legalization of foreigners in Brazil, especially in obtaining work visas, as foreign investors, and others.

With differentiated and individualized care, Horizon Brazil meets the needs of each client, physical or legal.

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One of the most prominent companies providing legalization services and advice for foreigners in Brazil.

We will advise on which type of Brazilian naturalization application is best suited to your profile and we will track your application from start to finish.

Our staff is prepared to assist you with a complete service, with continuous monitoring by our team.
The CPF is required for various procedures in Brazil, such as opening bank accounts. It may also be obtained by foreigners who reside abroad but have business or assets in Brazil. Contact us for more information.
Detailed guidance on all procedures involved in obtaining the RNE. Possession of the RNE with a temporary or permanent visa gives foreigners the right to travel in all states of Brazil.
Since the documentation of analysis steps and other procedures required for dispatching CTPS. Each phase is carried out with the utmost professionalism in order to ensure delivery of the requested document with maximum flexibility.